Agra District

Agra Cantt(SC) / 87

GUTIYARI LAL DUWESH is current MLA from BSP of Agra Cantt(SC) with 67786 votes. Constituency code for Agra Cantonment  is 87.This Constituency is reserved for SC candidate.


Agra Rural (SC) / 90


Agra South / 88

YOGENDRA UPADHYAYA is current MLA of Agra South Constituency with 74324 votesConstituency code for Agra South is 88. This Constituency is not reserved.


Bah / 94

RAJA MAHENDRA ARIDAMAN is current MLA from SP of BAH with 99379 votes. Constituency code for BAH  is 94. This Constituency is Not reserved.


Etmadpur / 86

DR. DHARAMPAL SINGH is current MLA from BSP of ETMADPUR with 79982 votes. Constituency code for ETMADPUR  is 86. This Constituency is Not reserved.


Fatehabad / 93

CHOTELAL VERMA is current MLA from BSP of FATEHABAD with 73098 votes. Constituency code for FATEHABAD  is 93. This Constituency is Not reserved.


Fatehpur Sikri / 91

SURAJPAL SINGH is current MLA from BSP of FATEHPUR SIKRI with 67191 votes. Constituency code for FATEHPUR SIKRI is 91. This Constituency is Not reserved.


Kheragarh / 92

BHAGVAN SINGH KUSHWAHA is current MLA from BSP of KHERAGARH with 69533 votes. Constituency code for KHERAGARH is 92. This Constituency is Not reserved.