How to play ROMs on an Android device

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Although there are many exciting Android games, we frequently find ourselves bored by the same old games time and again. Android is now able to play old console games.

You can now begin playing your most loved retro games on any Android device that is available. To be the coolest retro gamer, all you have to do is install an emulator.

Download the Emulator Android

Google Play allows you to legally download emulators for Nintendo or GBA game consoles. You can launch the app and then search for an emulator that you want to play retro games with. Google Play offers many excellent emulators. If you’re not sure about installing an emulator or don’t know which one to choose then you can look through reviews from others who have had experiences with emulators.

Downloading game ROMs to Android

ROM Images, also called ROM Files, are files that store information from memory chips that read only in video games. The files are developed by gamers and then shared with other gamers who enjoy retro games via the Internet. It is possible to search the web for the file you’re seeking on your link website However, even although there are number of websites that claim their library of ROMs are the most comprehensive available online, you need to stay vigilant and use only trusted websites. Coolrom, EmuParadise and Royal ROMs provide a wide selection of ROMs to suit any taste, such as SNES, NDS and VBA ROMs. So, if you need excellent ROMs, do not hesitate to go to the above-listed sources.

  • For instance, if you are eager to try your hand at Pokemon Leaf Green, you are likely to search for specific ROMs for the game via the Internet. Just enter “Pokemon Leaf Green ROMs” into the search bar to find the results you’re searching for.
  • usually has a long selection of games. You can browse through the various lists until you locate the one that interests you. To download the game, you have to click on it. Shortly after the game will appear in your downloads folder.

Emulator BIOS

Make sure you download the BIOS of the emulator you are using to make sure that your ROMs work effectively. It is necessary to look up “VisualBoy Advance BIOS” for your emulator if it is VisualBoy Advance. After you’ve selected the file you’d like to download, tap it and then wait for it to end.

The Launch of the Emulator

After that, start your emulator. Press the emulator icon and wait for the program’s loading to complete. Once the program has been opened it will prompt you for the downloaded BIOS file. Through your emulator, locate the required file (by default, it will be saved within the Download folder on the device’s internal memory) and tap it.

  • Sometimes, it is required to follow the same procedure like before.

Launching games with ROM

The program will inquire which ROM file (or game) do you want to play right now. The file navigator tool is a tool that can aid you in finding the game. This should also be in your Downloads folder (if it’s not already). Click on the ROM file that you’d like to use.

All that’s left is to master the controls and get started playing your most loved retro Android game.

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