Mohit Sharma

Expert in Programing

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Hi ! first of all i want to thank you visitors to use & trust on data reliability of MeraVoteMeriSarkar. My responsibility is to make changes as on requirement, data maintenance & build couple of software as per requirement to provide filtered data.

Your Vote Counts

Himanshu Srivastava

Expert in Website Testing

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Hello dear clickers & data researchers, welcome to the data factory for election's minor to major all report. The website is running just because of interest by the people like you in politics & exploring facts. My focus in this website is specially for proper linked content, layout & youth oriented data.

I just have one request "PLEASE VOTE" for the sake of nation. 

Azhar Alam

Expert in Webapps

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hi.. i'm Azhar Alam i just build this website to let public know about exact data and position of your politician rank wise. Its so easy make image on posters & do things viral but the truth comes as output of "VOTES". so track performance of the one you caste your vote keep using MeraVoteMeriSarkar