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Im thinking about buying this scanner for a small auto workshop business where we do a lot of design work in CAD. If you want, I can send you an OBJ of one of my scans so you can test with that. What does help is installing the latest nvida graphics card drivers. Full Body Scanning is technically possible, but requires even more practice and patience than Bust Scanning. Dark fabrics like jeans are a challenge for the sensor and may force you to scan from close distances that are neither practical nor comfortable for scanning people.

Looking purely at geometry capture, the Sense 2 is a small step backwards. The Sense 1 was better at capturing small details and dark colors and could be used from a farther distance to scan larger objects. In practice though, I don’t think these difference are significant for the target audience of infrared 3D Scanners. If you’re thinking about upgrading from a RealSense F200-based device, there is a jump in geometry resolution. After discontinuing the Cubify brand, I expected that 3D Systems would stop selling the Sense 3D Scanner after they sold out.

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But if you use a Windows tablet, you might prefer something that you could clip onto it so it works more like an iPad / Structure Sensor combo. The Sense 2 scan took him over 5 minutes — and 4 tries that I really didn’t feel like sharing — to make while the Structure Sensor scan was done in under 2 minutes — in one try.

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But technically, it’s just an Intel RealSense SR300 sensor in the same simple , plastic housing as the Sense 1. This combined with the handheld grip makes it a bit more usable (maybe also a bit more professional-looking if that’s important for you) as a handheld 3D scanner if you use a laptop.

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I’m really confused and just need a simple answer on which one would be best for me. I just bought a sense 2 on amazon but I can cancel it if needed. Since I do not own any Apple products and I found a new Sense 2 on ebay for just 250€ I bought it right away, hoping that the device without any warranty would work. And finally I got it working, and I would like to share these short description, in case anyone else has similar problems. The best choice really depends on your budget and the size of the objects you’re scanning.

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They recycled the housing and put Intel’s latest depth sensor, the SR300 inside. The Sense 2 is more expensive than other SR300-based devices — more than twice as much — that can achieve the exact same results. The form factor of the Sense 2 is a bit more 3D Scanner-like, but unfortunately 3D Systems didn’t put a start/stop button on it. Mac users are out of luck, but the Windows software is a vast improvement over that of the Sense 1. Actually, Gaming PC-maker Razer sells the RealSense SR300 as a 3D webcam under the name Stargazer for $149,99 — less than half of the Sense 2. And Creative sells it under the name BlasterX Senz3D for $179.Both devices should work with the free Sense for RealSense software. But, honestly, this kind of feels like ripping-off 3D Systems.

That is significant for body scanning, because it gets harder to stand totally still every minute. The same problem was present for Patrick’s hair which… erhm… went well with his choice of jeans color. I could scan his hair, but only close-by and straight-on, which is almost impossible because he’s taller than me. This problem only got bigger when we tried scanning on an automatic turntable. The scan below was made on the turntable and it took 6 rotations to get this — still partial — result. Last but not least, I’ve tested the Full Body Scanning capabilities of the Sense 2 in combination with 3D Systems’ Sense for RealSense software.

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