We invite you on a fascinating journey through Ancient Egypt.

March 17, 2020 Shivpal Gurjar Luhari

We invite you on a fascinating journey through Ancient Egypt.


OUR INTERVIEWS"There are enough riddles for our century"Sergey KutsevMedical genetics today is able to solve such problems that seemed insoluble yesterday. What will scientists be able to cope with tomorrow and in the foreseeable future?


REFLECTIONS ON INFORMATIONDenisovets takes on fleshBoris Zhukov

PEOPLE OF SCIENCEAcademician Andrey Zaliznyak (1935–2017): discoveries and convictionsSergey Shelov

HISTORICAL CHRONICLESWhite Primorye: education reformFedor PopovThe article of the young historian highlights the state of education in a limited in time and space corner of Russia in the troubled period of our past.


PEDAGOGICAL NOTESSUNC is not just a schoolAnna Degtyareva

CIVIL WAR IN RUSSIANationalization of churches and church valuesIrina SeleznevaA regular contributor to our magazine talks about such an "inconvenient" phenomenon in Russian history as the nationalization of churches and church values ​​after the Bolsheviks came to power in Russia.

BY THE SOLOVETSKY STONEIn vain, late, spät …Alexander Volkov

MANUSCRIPTS DO NOT BURNParsnip in China: translations and perception of creativityLi Innan, Vladimir Agenosov

WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?Mendeleev on postage stamps of the worldVadim Eremin

REFLECTIONS AT THE BOOKSHELFNewtonian from Peter the Great to BrexitIgor Shumeiko

IN DEEP TIMEWhitelighterAlexander Golyandin

UNKNOWN ABOUT KNOWNCameos in history – the history of cameosVictor Horn

AN INTERESTING STORYThe watchmaker king and his heirsTatiana Solovieva


THE WORLD IN THE EYES OF A TRAVELEREgypt is ruled by the planet Neptune. Part 2Irina KulikovaA narrow strip of fertile land stretching along the Nile bed, surrounded by the sands of the deserts and the smooth surface of the seas, for tens of centuries was the bosom of the ancient civilization of the pharaohs. We invite you on a fascinating journey through Ancient Egypt.


ANIMAL STORIESNosuha or coati – Pinocchio in the kingdom of beastsVasily Klimov



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MAIN TOPICThe universe we live inThe idea of ​​the world around us became more and more complicated and complicated until we came to the modern understanding of the Universe as a huge space filled with clusters of galaxies. The universe is our big home. How does it work? How long has it been? How did it come about?Let’s talk about the universeValery RubakovThe Universe that we know would not exist if the neutron were a little lighter or the proton a little heavier.The history of the Big Bang in the scientific picture of the world …Alexander VinnichukThe origins and fruits of string theoryGabriele VenezianoA long-standing article by Veneziano gave impetus to the creation of string theory.



SCIENCE: INSIDE LOOKAstronomy in Russia – today and tomorrowYuri Balega, Boris ShustovAstronomy is one of the fundamental sciences, and therefore it is a good indicator of the overall development of a country.

OUR INTERVIEWSAncient turtles and the perspectives of humanityEkaterina Obraztsova


MAN AND WAR"I am avidly reading memoirs …"Natalia RozhkovaIn the memoirs of participants in the Great Patriotic War, combat actions and military life are shown to readers from different angles: from headquarters and command posts on the front line, from a fighter’s trench, from a partisan dugout.

ECONOMY AND SOCIETYKitov-Glushkov projectYuri Revich, Valery ShilovThe first attempts to digitalize the economy were made in the USSR back in the 60s of the last century.

MUSEUM AS A FACE OF AN ERAMuseum in BelevIrina Selezneva

IN THE FOCUS OF DISCOVERYPlanetary and interplanetary affairsLeonid Namer

REFLECTIONS ON INFORMATIONEvolutionary biology of adulteryBoris Zhukov


XX CENTURY IN FACESCalling an aviator. Aviation tour of the poet Vasily KamenskyZoya AntipinaAbout one of those who not only believed in the kinship of poetry and the newest type of technology at that time – aviation, but also practiced flying art himself – about the poet Vasily Kamensky

BY THE SOLOVETSKY STONEChange of fateAlexander VolkovJulian Shchutsky was not a spy – even in the opinion of the NKVD.

LEARNING TO READ"Dragon" by Evgeny Schwartz – fabulous and realElena Leenson


IN DEEP TIMECreator of "Natural History"Alexander Golyandin

THE WORLD IN THE EYES OF A TRAVELERJeju – the pearl of South KoreaValery GlushkovThe author of these lines, the only expert on Japanese-Korean territorial problems in Russia, has been on various working trips related to his scientific interests eight times. One of the most vivid impressions was a visit to Jeju Island.

ANIMAL STORIESToucans – clowns from the tropicsVasily Klimov

REFLECTIONS AT THE BOOKSHELFTirex and all-all-allSergey Yastrebov



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MAIN TOPIC"Victory, one for all!"


On the eve of the Berlin operationAlexander KharichevA fragment of the memoirs of A. N. Kharichev, dedicated to the eve of the Berlin operation in April 1945.

Victory has come!Sergey Filatov

"My memory woke up on the night of the beginning of the war"Marietta Chudakova

"The soul is obliged to work"Jacob Zimmerman

"If people are more attentive to each other, there will be no wars"Fedor KomarovAcademician, colonel-general of the medical service, former head of the Central Military Medical Directorate, outstanding scientist F.I.Komarov https://123helpme.me/animal-farm/ talks about how the war determined his life path and what is most important for a person of this profession.


Scientists of the Physics Faculty of Moscow University – to the frontBoris Shvilkin“Everything for the front, everything for victory” is the motto of not only the entire country, but also the scientists of the Physics Department of Moscow State University.

Institutes of the USSR Academy of Sciences – to the frontPhysicists, both in the evacuation and in besieged Leningrad, did not stop scientific research, while not only contributing to the victory, but also laying the foundations for further fundamental research.

History of missiles MLRS "Katyusha"Vyacheslav Zagorsky

Military geographyKonstantin Markov


REFLECTIONS ON INFORMATIONCarboniferous butterflies and Precambrian rabbitsBoris Zhukov

INDEPENDENT RESEARCHAlexander Herzen: oblivion and relevanceElena Narskaya

UNKNOWN ABOUT KNOWNA. I. Herzen and physical scienceNikolay BarabanovThe Letters on the Study of Nature, published by Alexander Herzen in 1844-1855, is one of the most significant and original works in the history of Russian philosophical and, at the same time, natural science thought.



Soldier’s songs of Bulat OkudzhavaEvgeny ErmolinThe military experience not only determined the literary work of Bulat Okudzhava, but also helped to re-understand the structure of life and re-evaluate the priorities of existence.

ElectrokamikazeAlexander Kazantsev


NAME IN SCIENCECausing the disease on yourself!Alexander VolkovFor the sake of saving mankind from serious infectious diseases, doctors of the past risked their lives.

IN DEEP TIMEOne step to victoryAlexander VolkovThe words spoken by him resound through the millennia: "Render to each his own", "The war feeds itself" and his most famous phrase: "And, besides, I believe that Carthage must be destroyed." This murderous utterance made him immortal – and destroyed a huge city.


"LOOK INTO THE ROOT""Russian field" of utopiasEvgeny Kharitonov

THE WORLD IN THE EYES OF A TRAVELERAlmeria. A ride from winter to summerElena Danchenko


ANIMAL STORIESNight huntersVasily Klimov




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OBSERVER’S NOTESAutopilot – and no nightmare?Alexander VolkovToday, the longstanding debate about self-driving cars has been filled with new content.

SCIENCE NEWSIn the heading:Found a way to see the Universe before the Big Bang?The reason for the extinction of bees has been discovered.Gravitational waves and other dimensions.

IN THE FOCUS OF DISCOVERYMerry seriousnessAl Buchbinder

LITTLE ABOUT A LOTIn the heading:Talking glasses

MAIN TOPIC1917 – a look a century later

MAIN TOPICOctober 1917: revolution or coup, uprising or revolt?Vladimir BuldakovHistory is written by the victors, who adjust the historical memory accordingly. The October Revolution was considered the apotheosis of the events of 1917, as a result of which the "bourgeois" Provisional Government was overthrown, and Soviet power was proclaimed at the Second All-Russian Congress of Soviets. The anti-Bolshevik forces insisted on something else: as a result of a conspiracy, a legitimate "democratic" government was overthrown and a despotic regime was established.

WORLDWIDEIn the heading:More on the benefits of physical activity.Scavenger drone. The phone can now be washed.Dentist patients.

MAIN TOPICRussia, Great War, RevolutionIgor Yakovenko

REFLECTIONS ON INFORMATIONHow the seed will fallBoris Zhukov

MAIN TOPICSociology – from opinions to understandingLeonid Namer

MAIN TOPICWas Allen Dulles more genius than Lenin and Marx?Sergey ShishkovThe pupils of the school where the author of the article studied were once announced that when they grow up, they will live under communism. Why didn’t this happen?

MAIN TOPICTwo inaccurate anniversariesKirill Kobrin

MAIN TOPICTo the 100th anniversary of the Moscow "White Guard"Konstantin Dushenko

COSMOS: CONTINUED TALKSThree attempts on the holy of holiesMikhail Wartburg

MAIN TOPICThrowing archaics upYuri Veshninsky

HOW LITTLE WE KNOW ABOUT THEMIn the heading:Brother of the Loch Ness monster.How to control a turtle.The first multicellular animal on Earth.Why are large leaves needed?

MAIN TOPICWhat are you dreaming about, cruiser Aurora?Marianna Sorvina

MAIN TOPICMy distant Soviet great-grandfatherPolina Zhuchkova

LITTLE TRAGEDIES OF THE GREAT SHOCK“Ah! сa ira "Elena SyanovaIt was deserted on the embankment

MAIN TOPICLet’s play a story with mistakes?Sergey Smirnov, Mikhail Kalinin

HISTORY AND WEWhat can the history of physics teach sociology?Gennady Gorelik

ABOUT FOOD AND ITS CONSEQUENCESIn the heading:Oranges will save you from dementia.Apricot pits were considered poison.Doctors confirm ancient practices.Something about water purification.Eggs make us kinder.Pears reduce blood pressure.Healthy beer from Singapore.

MAIN TOPIC1917Leonid Ashkinazi

PLANET STORMEverything is turbulent in AlaskaAlexander Zaitsev

SUM OF TECHNOLOGIESAugmented realityAndrey Zheleznykh

MAIN TOPICTo overthrow the "king in the head"!Nikolay BarabanovIn this article, speaking about the scientific interests of Andrei Bely, the author touches on some aspects of his correspondence with the literary critic R.V. Ivanov the Razumnik.

SECRETS OF FORGOTTEN ANCESTORSNeanderthals: from Cain to AibolitAlexander GolyandinScientists, studying the ancient man and his ancestors, note his desire to kill his own kind, which is one of the oldest forms of hominin behavior, repeating the well-known biblical story about Cain and Abel.

VERNISSAGE "Z-S"To clear hearing and visionElena Generozova

COUNTERVERSIONSGreat about great: praise and blasphemyKonstantin Dushenko

MOSAICIn the heading:Dangerous to health!Something about spinners.News of the underworld.Ancient tsunami footprints

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OBSERVER’S NOTESThis omnipresent dustAlexander VolkovShe is always with us, but we do not see her. We breathe it – and do not know about it. Dust affects the climate, flora, fauna, people. But how?

SCIENCE NEWSIn the heading:The expansion rate of the universe and the origin of lifeUniverse gravitational waves will be detected using radio telescopes Moon phases and precipitation on EarthThe oldest animalThe secret of human superiority over Neanderthals

IN THE FOCUS OF DISCOVERYIs it possible to push back old ageAnatoly Lefko

MAIN TOPICWord and realityWord and reality – what is their relationship with each other? How do they affect each other? What of the extra-verbal world is capable of being reflected in the word, defining its appearance?

MAIN TOPICWith eyes wide shutAlexander Lyusy

MAIN TOPICBreak apart the characteristics of a personAlexander Markov

MAIN TOPICCreate a world that didn’t exist before youElena Seifert

WORLDWIDEIn the heading:Found the world’s longest snakeFaith in God and logical reasoningKiller geneHow to increase your own attractiveness?Graves of the undead in ancient GreeceOpposites don’t attract!Why do bosses scream?Electronic entertainment is associated with feelings of guilt and worthlessness

EMPIRE. GOOD OR Evil?Three British overseas projectsSergey Eigenson


READ THESE BOOKSUnidentified pedagogyAnatoly Tsirulnikov

ANCIENT STOREIn the heading:Why did the Nazca Indians die out?Vasco da Gama’s armada ship discoveredOn the cannibalism of 19th century British sailorsOldest tool – even in North AmericaFlush toilets in the ancient MayaFound a ship that is 4.5 thousand years oldAdmiral Nelson’s sword discoveredWhy did the Russians survive in Alaska?

IN THE COMPUTER WORLDOn the question of the origins of domestic computer technologyYuri Revich, Valery Shilov

BIBLIOGRAPHIC REPORTPassion for Nikolai, or who writes about Lobachevsky?Sergey Smirnov

UNKNOWN FIRST WORLDThe battles of Russian troops in the Kovel direction in 1916. Brusilov recallsOleg Slesarev

LITTLE TRAGEDIES OF THE GREAT SHOCKAltykovs on the throne?Elena Syanova

MAN TRANSPARENTHow bacteria manipulate usMikhail Georgiadi

ABOUT FOOD AND ITS CONSEQUENCESIn the heading:Didn’t you have breakfast? Stroke!Once again about the benefits of coffeeProbiotics are useless!Why is sugar added?

REFLECTIONS AT THE BOOKSHELFTune in more precisely … narrow the band … a distant "voice" made its way through the howl of the jammer …Leonid Ashkinazi


RETURNING TO PRINTEDBotticelli, Photoshop and the InternetLeonid Ashkinazi, Alla Kuznetsova

ECONOMY AND SOCIETYTechnology, labor and societyAlexander AkimovIn recent decades, there has been competition between skilled but expensive labor from Western countries and cheap, but less skilled from developing countries. How will this affect the societies of individual countries and world development in general?

PROBLEMS OF PLANET EARTHUnderwater chronicleNikolay Sablin

MAN AND WARRebellious graphMarianna SorvinaWho are professional revolutionaries? How does their risky profession affect loved ones? Count and radical Cesare Battisti’s fate is more than fate. She became the mirror of the fiery era. World War I and reflected in the future.

INTERESTING VAMPIROLOGYIn the heading:They exist!Scientist explains the origin of vampire legendsBurial "vampires" with sickles around their necks

HISTORY AND PERSONALITY"Cool" detective Eugene VidocqAlexey Renkel

VERNISSAGE "Z-S"Ultramarine birdElena GenerozovaThe rejection of accepted artistic norms, but also of following the great examples of the past, is bearing amazing fruits, especially with such masters as Pablo Picasso.

ON THE THRESHOLD OF ETERNITYLast words of scientists and philosophersKonstantin Dushenko

MOSAICIn the heading:Why is the second sock missing.Household chemicals for spies.Come in large numbers!

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MAIN TOPICMuseum is a link in the chain of timesHow do museums live today? What are their varieties? What are they doing besides “simple” memorization of the past – and is this memorization really that simple? And does it change from era to era? What should be a museum in order to be located not on the dusty periphery of cultural life, but in its very core?